KEESTAR was founded on 1988. KEESTAR focuses on FIBC (Flexible Intermediate Bulk Container) manufacturing equipments and technicals.

Not just for machines, KEESTAR deeply participates in the industry and provides expertise professional technology services such as:

FIBC Factory Project

Big Bag Manufacturing Process Optimization

Big Bag Manufacturing Facilities Technology Upgrading

New Technique Equipment R&D for Big Bag FIBC Industry

About us

Different from manufacturing company, KEESTAR wishes to become a product company, and based on deep understanding of the big bag FIBC industry, with the direction of future technology development and production demand, KEESTAR develops the latest technology equipment and technical service for the global industry customers. At the same time, when the production of the equipment is completed, it has its own complete inspection process standards. Different packing solutions and cargo transportation solutions will be developed according to different machine types.