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ABA Three Layers Co-Extrusion Big Bag Film Blowing Machine

Technical Features

It is adopted that upper stretching rotary device, supporting configuration EPC deviation correction device; Solve the size of the T-die, flanged phenomenon, reduce the frequency of equipment maintenance
The machine adopts IBC internal cooling control system, increase output, increase thin film transparency
Fully automatic heavy duty winder, reduce the labor intensity of operators, reduce labor costs
The winder adopts a set of automatic tension control system, tension constant
3 sets of brand hydraulic screen changer
Film Edge Trimming Grinder
Stretching, coiling transmission using RV reducer direct type, the quality of the film is avoided to be affected by oil pollution


Width 1500-2200mm
Thickness 0.04~0.15mm(PE)
Thickness Deviation 2sigma<br>0.04-0.09mm≤±4%<br>0.09-0.15mm≤±3%
The Range of the Material LDPE、HDPE、LLDPE、Mlldpe、EVA
Installed Power 350KW
The Standby Capacity 180KW
Extruder Output 650kg/Hr(PE)
Max.Output 450kg/Hr(PE)
Dimension 14.5×9×12.5m, LWH
Weight 35 tons

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