Manufacturing FIBC Big Bag Raw Materials- Fabric Two

Multi-function FIBC Big Bag Fabric Cutting Machine

Model BigbagCUT

When there are requirements for the cutting blemish of fabric in FIBC big bags and the fabric surface can not be free of dyes and impurities, the above problems may occur in traditional manually cut fabric (cloth), so the design of FIBC big bag fabric cutting machine can be avoided relatively. For different kinds of raw materials ( rolls of tubular fabrics or rolls of flat fabrics ), under the link of cutting plant, if diversified cutting types and sizes are needed, it will be more suitable to choose a multifunctional automatic FIBC big bag fabric cutting machine. Certainly, the following factors need to be considered in the proportion and selection of one or more multifunctional FIBC big bag fabric cutting machines:

The overall equipment placement position of the cutting plant; The space proportion of machines; The ratio of personnel; Multi-functional FIBC big bag fabric cutting machines adopt platform structure, which is modular as a whole, so it needs professional skilled workers to install and debug it; The overall environment of the plant ( temperature, humidity, safety level requirements); The overall operation and management of the plant ( The differentiation of small, medium and large-scale enterprise also needs to consider one of the significant factors in choosing multifunctional FIBC big bag fabric cutting machine ); Besides, choosing the equipment proportion of multifunctional automatic fabric cutting machines also need to be combined with the machines proportion of FIBC printing press machines in the next process; For the diversification of fibc big bag types of final export products, including ( standard square FIBC big bags with filling and discharging spouts, circular (round) FIBC big bags with F/S and D/S,etc.), so it is relatively suitable to select multi-function automatic fabric cutting machines; As other aspect- raw materials, for raw material enterprises with self-production ability, after receiving the order, the previous manufacturing process should also be considered for the cutting plant, such as the FIBC big bag fabric technical style and output required for tape stretching, circular loom link, so as to judge wheter it is suitable to choose a multi-funtion automatic fabric cutting machine.

Multifunctional Modulars of Model BigbagCUT

The multi-function automatic FIBC big bag fabric cutting machine can also add ultrasonic devices on both sides to complete the folding welding on both sides of the fabric estabilishing a foundation for entering the FIBC big bag sewing process; The ultrasonic patterns roller can be replaced or customized as based on the needs of specific patterns roller. Ultrasonic embossing adopts frequency broadband tracking technology, so that the output frequency of the ultrasonic generator can always be consistent with the frequency of the transducer, thus ensuring the quality of sewing and embossing, which is effectively prolonging the life of the ultrasonic generator and transducer device.

FIBC big bag fabric cutting machine function 1: The hot cut of O cutting or X cutting. Under the round cutter and round waste fabric can be added with circular hole-opening device and with waste collection box, which is beneficial to the high cleanliness of working area. Generally, it can be considered in food-grade or pharmaceutical-grade production plants. As for O cutting or X cutting are hot cutter, they come into being high temperature can prevent accidents, about cutter section can also be selected the cutter protection safety device. The hot cutters adopt pneumatic components and electrical components to control. Under the requirement of sewing accuracy at the specific FIBC big bag (filling or discharging) spouts in the sewing process, ink mark dotting or pnematic dotting can be arranged on the round cutting or crisscross cutting.

The FIBC big bag fabric of unwinding roll can choose air cylinder with lifting or without lifting. According to actual situation ( the weight of self-purchased or self-manufacturing roll), the overweight fabric roll can be lifted with air cylinder when it is coiled, which can increase its stability and accuracy. The ratio of personnel in this link is small, considering the convenience, which can also choose air cylinder lifting to complete it.

FIBC big bag fabric cutting machine function 2: I cutting, U cutting, large O cutting, Baffle cutting, FIBC big bag pad cutting,etc. ( At same time, these kind of machines can equipped with a waste collection box) As above these, the operation is completed by hot cutting, and modular filling can be completed according to requirements of different purchase or export orders. Similarly, the hot cutter section is controlled by pneumatic components and electrical components.

FIBC big bag fabric cutting machine function 3: Transverse cutting ( Hot cutting or cold cutting ), Considering safety factor, the cutting of the machine can be added with safety protection device. At the transverse cut to cutting length can be added the fabric rubbing wheel, so that after hot cutting the tubular FIBC big bag fabric will be adhered.

Multi-function FIBC Big Bag Fabric Cutting Machine

This machines by servo control systems so that can achieve relatively accurately drag the plastic woven fabric.

Multi-function FIBC Big Bag Fabric Cutting Machine

The plastic woven fabric works at the cutting knife of mold and transverse cutting to cut length under the multifunctional modules, finally it can form woven fabric in FIBC big bags with different technological requirements.