Manufacturing FIBC Big Bag Raw Materials-Fabric One

Manufacturing FIBC Big Bag Raw Materials-Fabric One
Manufacturing FIBC Big Bag Raw Materials-Fabric
The manufacturing process of FIBC big bags will involve a series of different production links, each well-run factory should basically include FIBC big bags tape stretching line, circular loom, fabric (cloth) cutting, flexographic printing, FIBC big bags sewing, pre-baling or hydraulic baling press, strength tester etc major process to final product. Thereinto, the FIBC big bags fabric cutting machines are located in the cutting link of traditional technology, the traditional cutting way is that cutting the fabric manually, cutting the fabric as basic technology requirment to finish. This way can meet the basic needs of small-scale factories and them that are not demanding finished products for client groups. Secondly, the traditional fabric cutting (cloth) cutting way will still meet the needs of cutting under the condition of low automatic requirements and high ratio of personnel in the plant; The opposite aspect, in large and medium-scale factories and enterprises with relatively highly automatic requirements and relatively low ratio of personnel, automatic FIBC big bag fabric cutting machines are more suitable than traditional manual cutting. In the case that there is a requirement for the defective rate of the final product and special requirements when entering the next two manufacturing process, the automatic FIBC big bag fabric cutting machine is relatively suitable; In addition, this type of machine is relatively suitable when there are limitations and requirements for the environment, square area, spatial framework and operating habits of the cutting plant. It is also suitable for the lack of professional installation skilled workers.

The Air Cylinder Fabric Unwinding Roll
Compared with the ordinary automatic FIBC big bag fabric cutting machine lifting of the fabric unwinding roll, the air cylinder fabric unwinding roll can ensure the reative stability and accuracy, which is also convenient for workers to operate; The air cylinder is usually driven by a pneumatic system, which can produce linear motion, while the four linear bearing of shafts provide guidance and support; The advantages of cylinder lifting are simple structure, compact pneumatic components and easy maintenance; The pneumatic system can realize the rapid movement of the mechanism, the responsed speed is fast; Adapt to harsh environment, because the pneumatic system has no electrical parts, thus it has great adaptability in high temperature, explosion-proof and other situations.

The Basic Functions of Automatic FIBC Big Bag Cutting Machine ( SimpleCUT )
The hot cut of O cutting ( round cutting ) and hot cut of X cutting ( crisscross cutting ) with cylinder. ( Note: the cylinder is part of pneumatic components, which uses compressed air or gas to drive, control and execute mechanical movement. The action of cylinder can be used to control and adjust the flow, pressure and direction of fluid. By controlling the intake and exhaust of cylinder, the kinematic velocity, strength and direction of the mechanical device can be accurately controlled. The cylinder can adjust the pressure in the hydraulic system to achieve different actions, including clamping, stretching, pressing,etc. The cylinder also has the characteristics of simple operation and convenient installation, which can shorten the maintenance time of machines and improve the maintainability and reliability of machines. ) and with electrical components ( To what it works for control, distribution, protection, etc.)

Transverse cutting ( hot cutting and cold cutting ). As based on different choices of the using base fabric, the laminated ( coated ) base fabric can be cut length by cold cutting, the unlaminated ( uncoated ) base fabric can be cut by hot cutter to prevent the material edge slider. The fabric rubbing wheel at the transverse cutter is used to prevent the unlaminated ( uncoated ) base fabric from sticking after cutting. It uses the friction between the fabric rubbing wheels to open the fabric incision. Generally, it is composed of two parallel rubber wheels, with proper spacing between wheel centers and directional operation of rubber wheels.

The automatic FIBC big bag fabric cutting machines accurately drags the plastic woven fabric through the servo control system, the plastic woven fabric stops at the round cutter opening hole station anf the transverse cutting to cutting length station for opening hole and cutting operations. The punching station is equipped with different punching dies to achieve different technological requirements.

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