Manufacturing Starbase Big Bag Raw Materials- Fabric Three

Manufacturing Starbase Big Bag Raw Materials-Fabric

The model StarbaseCUT is one kind of multi-function automatic FIBC big bag fabric cutting machine for major cutting star bottom. Selecting the model StarbaseCUT also needs to control the blemish rate of the cut fabric ( cloth ) in the cutting plant, which can be considered. The scale of plant operation management will also affect the use of multifunctional automatic FIBC big bag cutting machine. It is compared with small-scale workshops, multifunctional automatic FIBC big bag cutting machine is more suitable for medium and large factories. Meantime it needs to consider the ratio of personnel problem, so that ensure to select multi-function automtic plastic woven fabric cutting machine. For the production of self-manufacturing enterprises, multi-function model StarbaseCUT automatic starbase FIBC big bag cutting machine’s function needs to be combined with the inital purchase or export of finished products. Relying on the technological rquirements of the order and the different regions, it is necessary to consider whether the multi-functional star bottom FIBC big bag cutting machine is suitable in the previous tape extrusion line, circular loom and the next printing press machine process. The model StarbaseCUT is mainly aimed at more customers( clients ) in Europe and America, multifunctional automatic fabric cutting machines will occupy more space because of more functional modules. The main function is to realize the cutting of star bottom and U panel. Selection of model StarbaseCUT also needs to consider the FIBC big bag type, whether it is one loop / two loops FIBC big bags or special five loops FIBC big bag requirements; It is also necessary to consider whether the woven fabric produced from raw materials to the final product is single type or multiple types of production mode, which can be selected one or more automatic FIBC big bag cutting machines.

Multi-function Modulars of Model StarbaseCUT

Multifunctional star bottom FIBC big bag cutting machines by servo control systems, which can acheive relatively accrurately drag the plastic woven fabric. The plastic woven fabric works at cutting knife of mold and transverse cutting to cut length under the multifunctional modules, finally, the demand for one or two loops FIBC big bag and other FIBC types will be formed.

Function 01

As based on the different weight of the roll at the fabric unwinding, which can flexibly selected the type lifting of air cylinder. If the roll is too heavy, it is better to configure the type lifting of air cylinder relatively.

The model StarbaseCUT automatic star bottom FIBC big bag cutting machine also can rely on different requirements, equipped with ultrasonic fabric folding frame, different pattern folding welding can be realized through ultrasonic control, which provides relative convenience for sewing process.

Function 02

I cutting and U cutting also need to do by hot cutting to opearate. This machine adopts to pneumatic components and electrical components are used to control the downward pressure and heat transfer of the knife, at the same time, the corresponding opening hole mode is configured and the waste collection box is selected according to the actual plant cleanliness requirements; In addition, in order to prevent accidents other than danger at high temperature, which can choose configure safety protection devices at the hot cutting part.

Function 03

Star bottom cutting. It is also completed by hot cutting with V-type mode.