Automatic Big Bag Spout Rosettes Sewing Machine



Our Automatic Sewing Machines are used to implement some highly repetitive processes on container bags, mainly the stitching between the loops and the bag body.


The Automatic Big Bag Spout Rosettes Sewing Machine is specially designed for big bag outlet rosettes sewing, which provides a special fixture and a lifting head for drawstring rope guiding.

  • Reinforce pads can be selected and manually filled in during the process flow.
  • Equipped with a programmable system, the stitching design can be preset, and the sewing machine can also automatically trim the thread.


Our Automatic FIBC Sewing Machines can not only improve production efficiency, but also improve product consistency and promote standardization.

Spout Rosettes Big Bag Sewing Machine

Touch Operation Screen, Sewing Patterns Programmable

Corners of rosettes(petals) are folded across tying ropes and sewn with short zigzag stitches accurately.

Special fixture for drawstring rope guiding.

▪ Sewing area: 250×250 mm

▪ Speed: 200-2,000 rpm

▪ Needle type: DPx17


Outlet rosettes(petals) sewing is a special requirement for jumbo bag sewing.

Model SpoutSEW automatically folds and sews rosettes(petals) of big bag under programmed sewing patterns, specially designed holding clamp folds 4 corners of the rosettes(petals), finishes sewing in one programme with unified accurate stitch performance.

Servo Motor Direct Driving

Max. Speed



Stitch Length



Rotating Hook Size

3 Times

5 Times

Thread Trimming


Upper and Lower


Upper and Lower

Features of Automatic FIBC Spout Petal Sewing Machine

Automatic Upper and Lower Thread Trimming

Automatic Bobbin Winder

Sewing Efficiency Greatly Increased

Skilled Sewing Workers not Required

Unified Standardized Stitch Performance

Higher Speed with Bigger Output Model SpoutSEW-I

5 Times Big Rotating Hook, very Thick Thread Model SpoutSEW-II

Model SpoutSEW- Automatic Big Bag Spout Rosettes Sewing Machine

High Efficiency

Easy to Operate

High Stability

Easy Sewing Pattern Setup