Output: 22 pcs/min
Servo Controled Accuracy Length Cutting
Smokeless and Fireless Alloy Steel Heating Plate Hot Cutter
Deviation Correction Device

Advanced New Cutting System, Output Could Be Reach 30 pcs/min.

1,400 Model For Flat Fabric

2,250 Model For Tubular Fabric

SimpleCUT machine, could cut:
#1 Body Side Panel
#2/2A Top Spout Panel (O holing)
3-1/3-2/2B Bottom Spout Panel (O and X holing)
#4/3 Spout Fabric
#5 Body Tubular (2250 model only)


Cross (X) Cutter
1 Set, Size: 350mm/450mm
Hole (O) Cutter
1 Set Size: 350/450mm
Length Cutting System
Drawer Type Leftover Fabric Basket
Automatic Sewing Guide Line And Dot Marking
Touch Screen Sontroller, English/Spanish/Russian


Multi-function, high scalability suitable for all type of big bag panel cutting.
Deviation correction device, avoid rhombus panel cutting.
Servo controled accuracy length cutting, ±5mm/1000mm.
Individual precision heating control, ±1℃.
Continuous heating with static cutting temperature, fabric burn-proof cutting.
Smokeless and fireless alloy steel heating plate hot cutter with high safety level.
Gate safety device on length cutter for figure protect.

Model Different Table

Max.Cutting Width: 1400mm
Fabric: Flat
Producing Bag Parts:
  • Side Wall Panel
  • Top Panel
  • Bottom Panel
  • Flap Panel
  • Spout Fabric
  • Filling Skirt Fabric
  • Baffle Panel(Option)
  • One-loop Bag Body(Option)
  • Two-loop Bag Body(Option)

Rated Power: 7kW
Dimension: 4,000×1,700×2,000mm

Max.Cutting Width: 2250mm
Fabric: Flat, Tubular
Producing Bag Parts:
  • Side Wall Panel
  • Body Tubular
  • Top Panel
  • Bottom Panel
  • Flap Panel
  • Spout Fabric
  • Filling Skirt Fabric
  • Baffle Panel(Option)

Rated Power: 10kW
Dimension: 4,000×2,600×2,000mm

Option List

Edge Hemmer with Ultrasonic Welder
Sinuate (Waveform) Hot Cutter
Automatic Stacking Device With Digital Counter
Vision Inspection Table
Baffle Hot Cutting Unit


READY-USE Delivery Machine

Built-in Control Panel

Energy Efficiency Design