Considering the composition of the container bag body (the maximum width of the tubular fabric and flat fabric for ), we designed two width series, 2250 and 1400

Our Fabric Cutting machines are available under three machine modelsSimpleCUT, BigBagCUT and StarbaseCUT.

  • The Model SimpleCUT is compactness, which box-like structure makes full use of space to set up necessary workstations. 

It is an ideal choice for customers without special bag type processrequirements.

  • This Fabric Cutting Machine can be transported as a complete set, without installation and debugging, making it easy to operate.

Undoubtedly, the SimpleCUT(Jumbo Bag Cutting Machine) has outstanding advantages in cost-effectiveness, with complete basic functions, thoughtful and easy-to-use design, and very convenient transportation.

Output: 22 cuts/min

Servo Controled Accuracy Length Cutting

Smokeless and Fireless Alloy Steel Heating Plate Hot Cutter

Deviation Correction Device

Advanced new cutting system, output could be reach 30 pcs/min.

● Machine 1,400 for Flat Fabric

● Machine 2,250 for Tubular Fabric


SimpleCUT machine, could cut:

#1 Body Side Panel

#2 Top Spout Panel (O holing)

3-1/3-2 Bottom Spout Panel (O and X holing)

#4 Spout Fabric

#5 Body Tubular (2,250 model only)


Cross (X) Cutter

1 Set, Size: 350mm/450mm

Hole (O) Cutter

1 Set Size: 350/450mm

Length Cutting System

Drawer Type Leftover Fabric Basket

Automatic Sewing Guide Line and Dot Marking

Touch Screen Sontroller, English/Spanish/Russian

Features of Automatic Big Bag Cutting Machine

Multi-function, high scalability suitable for all type of big bag panel cutting.

Deviation correction device, avoid rhombus panel cutting.

Servo drive accuracy length cutting, ±5mm/1,000mm.

Individual precision heating control, ±1℃.

Continuous heating with static cutting temperature, fabric burn-proof cutting.

Smokeless and fireless alloy steel heating plate hot cutter with high safety level.

Gate safety device on length cutter for figure protect.

Model Different Table


Max.Cutting Width: 1400mm

Fabric: Flat

Producing Bag Parts:

  • Side Wall Panel
  • Top Panel
  • Bottom Panel
  • Flap Panel
  • Spout Fabric
  • Filling Skirt Fabric
  • Baffle Panel, (Baffle Holing), Option
  • One-loop Bag Body(Option)
  • Two-loop Bag Body(Option)

Rated Power: 7kW

Dimension: 4,000×1,700×2,000mm


Max.Cutting Width: 2250mm

Fabric: Flat, Tubular

Producing Bag Parts:

  • Side Wall Panel
  • Body Tubular
  • Top Panel
  • Bottom Panel
  • Flap Panel
  • Spout Fabric
  • Filling Skirt Fabric
  • Baffle Panel, (Baffle Holing), Option

Rated Power: 10kW

Dimension: 4,000×2,600×2,000mm

Option List

– Automatic Big Bag Cutting Machine

Edge Hemmer with Ultrasonic Welder

Sinuate (Waveform) Hot Cutter

Automatic Stacking Device with Digital Counter

Vision Inspection Table

Baffle Hot Cutting Unit

Model SimpleCUT – Automatic FIBC Big Bag Cutting Machine

READY-USE Delivery Machine

Built-in Control Panel

Energy Efficiency Design

Complete FIBC Big Bag Manufacturing Line