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Big Bag Film Blowing Machine

Materials are including LLDPE, LDPE, HDPE, MLLDPE, EVA.

The single layer film blown is used in liner bag of woven bag; the three layers film blown is used in liner bag of FIBC big bag. These application: agricultural,etc.

Working Environment:

Power Supply: 380(400) V/ 50Hz /3-phase AC + TN-C-S

Compressed Air: 0.8Mpa

Instrument Air: 0.8Mpa

Temperature Range: +15 to + 40℃

• Relative Air Humidity: max.75% at reference temperature +35℃

• The Recycle Cooling Water, Temperature: ≤20℃ : about 60m³ ≥0.3Mpa

FilmBlow-W-1-1000 ( Single Layer )
FilmBlow-F-3-2500 ( Three Layers ) 
Screw Dia


Φ65mm; Φ75mm; Φ65mm

Film Lay-Flat Width



Ratio of L/D



Max.Screw Revolution



Max.Extrusion Output




40-90kg/hr, depending on resin and products dimensions

250-350kg/hr, depending on resin and products dimensions

Film Thickness

0.01-0.06mm ( PE )



70,000 x 3,500 x 6,000mm



• Heating Method: Ceramic Heating, Stainless Steel Cover

• Cooling Type: Fan Automatic Subsection (3 Sections) Cooling; Precise Temperature Control

• Barrel Cooling Blower Power: 240W×3sets ( single layer )


• Type: Spiral Mandrel

• Material: 40Cr Made of alloy steel

• Heating Method: Ceramic Heating(Heating is more uniform and cooling is faster).

High precision,good finish and no deformation.

Precision Type Dual Lip Air Ring

• Air Ring Dia: φ1,000 mm

• Blower Power: 5.5 Kw, Frequency Control


• Motor Power: 3 Kw

• Max. Film Width: 2,400 mm

Max. Dia of Film Roller: 700 mm

• Winding Shaft: Φ300×2,400 mm; 2400 mm-working pressure 4-5 kg

The shaft heads on both sides of the winding roller are all treated with anti-rust treatment.

Mainly Consisting of System

Mainly consisting of system is also included that “auto loader” “screen changer”.

Optional System Parts:

• IBC system

This system not only can rapidly cooling bubble, exhaust inner heat, water molecules and emissions of bubble,but also can supply new cooling air , lower the inner temperature of the bubble, increase the output and improve the mechanical properties of films.

• Take off Unit with Rotary System Unit

Haul-off Tower : Column adopts 140 mm*140 mm square tube, height 6 m, 2 floors platform, guardrail height 1.1 m;

Haul-off Speed : Max 60 m/min

Roller Length : 1,100 mm

Roller Material:Synthetic rubber

The film rotating device are moving relatively to the bubble at the speed of 0. 1 – 0. 3r / min for ± 360 °, so that the thickness deviation caused by die, the air ring and the tower frame is distributed at random, which ensures that the high-quality film are rolled at the winder.

• EPC System

Correct the film.

Three Layers FIBC Blown Film Machine


Barrel Cooling Blowers: 370 w x 4 sets / 370 w x 5 sets; / 370 w x 4 sets;

Extrusion Output: Φ65 125 kg, Φ75 150 kg, Φ65 125 kg;

Heating Zones: Φ65 4 zones, Φ75 4 zones, Φ65 4 zones;

Main Motors: Φ65 37 Kw, Φ75 55 Kw, Φ65 37 Kw, Frequency Control;


Diameter: Ф550 mm; Cold Steate Die Clearance: 2.4 mm;

Non-Stop Winder

2 Station Non-stop Winder; Motor Power: 3 Kw; Max. Winding Speed: 80 mtr./min;

Max. Film Width: 2,400 mm; Max. Dia. of Film Roller: 700 mm; Winding Shaft: Φ300×2,400 mm;

Air Shaft Dia.: Φ76mm; Splitting Cutter; Air Shaft Forklift

Precision Type Dual Duct Air Ring

Electrical Control System

Heavy duty air expansion reeled heating control cabinet and electrical operating cabinet by full ventilation and heat dissipation device;

Equipment safety labels are complete; Control cabinet equipment alarm device;

Take off Unit with Rotary System Unit

Roller Length: 2,400mm; Collapser: Aluminum alloy roller; Light Aluminum Alloy Guiding Roller: Light aluminum alloy guiding roller 1 group;

Haul-off Tower: Column adopts 200 mm*200 mm square tube; Height 12.5 m, 4 floors platform, guardrail height 1.1m

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We need Clients to Know about

  • before-Sales-Service

Arrangement of Q&C room, spare parts storage, raw material storage, finished products storage and maintenance room ; According to our design drawing and instruction, the buy should prepare all the facilities before the arrival of machinery.

  • Commissioning

The machines are supplied in partially assembled condition and require skilled supervision of the seller’s technician(s) for erection & commissioning.

  • The Buyer must Know about

Skilled and unskilled labors are to be provided by the buyer; All material handling equipment including suitable for lift truck are to be provided by the buyer.

  • Training

For a new customer, the skill operation staff and skill maintenance staff are very important.