FIBC Big Bag Aluminium Liner Making Machine



Output: 80-120 pcs/hr

Dimension: 23,500×3,000×1,830 mm

• Liner Width (with Gusset): Max. 1,100 mm

• Liner Length: 1,500-5,000 mm

4 Unwinders

Bag Flange Available

Multi-layer Co-extrusion Film ( Aluminium Foil Film )

Liner Type:

Aluminium Foil Liner: Top and Bottom Bottle Neck / Top Bottle Neck /

Neck / Flat Bottom

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Model Different Table

FIBC Aluminum Foil Liner Sealing Machine

 1.0 Version

Integrated Structure Design

Sealing Length Mechanical Adjusting

Only Single Valve Attaching

Limited Shape Edge Waste Film Trimming

2.0 Version

Modular Design Structure

Full Servo System Driving

Automatic Adjusting for Different Designing

Arbitrary Shape Waste Film Trimming

Heat Sealing Width




Heating Power


Max. Tubular Film Roll dia


Max. Flat Film Roll dia


Edge Waste Trimming

Automatic Disc

Power Supply

380V, 3 Phase with L3, N, E-50Hz

Air Pressure


Air Consumption


Units of FIBC Big Bag Aluminium Liner Making Machine

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FIBC aluminium liner making machine-3.jpg

Units of EVOH Liner Making Machine

FIBC liner making machine-EVOH-1.jpg
FIBC liner making machine-EVOH-3.jpg
FIBC liner making machine-EVOH-4.jpg


Aluminum Foil Inliners

Form shaped aluminum in-liners is also known as foil liners, which are made of aluminum-laminated films. Aluminum foil inliners offer superior moisture, oxygen, and UV protection, that protect the quality and integrity of the packed products. Each foil inliner can be produced using various aluminum compounds depending on the specific needs of each application. Degassing valves & valves for gas purging with Nitrogen or Argon.

FIBC liner making machine-EVOH-2.jpg

KEESTAR multi-function liner sealing machine combines comprehensive producing functions of lay-flat inliners and form-fit inliners made of polyethylene film, aluminum foil film and EVOH barrier film.

The film shapes consists of tubular non-gusseted film, tubular gusseted film and flat films.

Model LinerSHAPE-ALC is a intelligent aluminum in-liner making machine line.

Features of Big Bag Liner Making Machine

Automatic Valve Function as Optional

Adjustable Mold Position Left and Right

Finished Product Conveying by Negative Pressure Conveyor

Independent Servo Motor Drive for Feeding and Welding

Servo Cut to Length System

Static Elimination Function

Circulating Water Cooling

Automatic Stop Function

Customizable System Language

PLC Control

Air Shaft

Magnetic Powder Brake Unwinding

Tension Control System

Photoelectric Deviation Correction System


Tube Liner and Flat Liner as Optional

Controllable Welding Temperature and Welding Time

Automatic Feeding, Automatic Welding, Automatic Waste Removal, Automatic Punching, Automatic Cold Cutting of Finished Products

Model LinerSHAPE-ALC – FIBC Big Bag Aluminium Liner Making Machine

High-quality Lightweight Tapes

High-tenacity Tapes

Customized Execution

Modular Design