Output: 70-90 pcs/hr
Main Cylinder Size: 125×1,100 mm
Folding Cabinet: 1,200×1,200 mm
Dimension: 1,600×1,500×2,500 mm
Bag Width: 1,200 mm
Bag Length: 1,400 mm

Built-in centrifugal blower.

Bag/liner blowing up.

Automatic bag/liner flattening.


Use The Folding Principle to Fold The Container Bag
Mainly Designed for Folding with Inner Bag Container Bag
Reduce Inner Bag Container Bag Packing Breakage Rate
Folding Cylinder Drive
Reduced Labor Intensity ( Robot Hand Process )


FIBC Big Bag Type:

Standard Bag:
Width 900-1,000 mm ;
Length 1,000-1,400 mm ;

Circular Bag:
Diameter 1,100-1,300 mm ;
Length 1,000-1,400 mm ;

Automatic FIBC Three Fold Device

Units of FIBC Big Bag Folding Machine


70-90 pcs/hr

Cylinder Stroke


Folding Space

1,000 x 1,000 x 1,500mm

Air Supply


Rated Power


Power Supply

220V, 1 phase with L1, N, E-50Hz

Max. Flap Number

120 pc/hr

Model BigbagFOLD

FIBC Folding Machine
Air Blowing
M Shape Gusseted Flap in Both Sides
Pneumatic Driving
Automatic Bag Stacking
Folding Width 450mm
Pre Packed Baling System
Automatic Bag Folding, 4 Fold the Bag
Fold in Half ( Stack Pack 450 x 1,400 mm )
Fold Bag in 4 (Centre Fold from both Sides)