Output :

BalePRESS120: 150-200 bags/bale

BalePRESS80: 20-30 bags/bale

Bundle Volume: Reduce 50% Driven

Dimension: 1,400×2,120×1,010 mm

• Three Different Pressure Capacity:

630 kN & 800 kN & 1,200 kN

• First Step Pre-baling in FIBC Packing Press

Safety Buzzer

Working Table Size: BalePRESS80: 1,200×600 mm

Opening: BalePRESS120: 1,750 mm ; BalePRESS80: 1,200 mm

Improved Model BalePRESS120PRO 4-Column, 4-Doors Bale Press Pneumatic Safety Device

Model BalePRESS120 / BalePRESS80

Pre-Bale Press Layout Drawing


Model BalePRESS-63 Hydraulic Bale Press for Small Baling Packing Apply

Hydraulic Bale Press,  Maximum 1,200 mm Working Height

Pressure Capacity Max. 630 kN (63 Ton)

1,200×800 mm Packing Base


Pallet Press Machine- Palletizing Big Bags or Big Bag Bundles with Pressure Capacity of 1,200 kN ( 120 Ton ), Hydraulic Bale Pusher

Stacking Bags in the 2 Sides Locked, 2

Doors Designed Baling Cabinet

1,100×1,100 mm Packing Base, 1,200×1,000 mm Optional

1,900 mm Maximum Working Height

Model BalePRESS – FIBC Big Bag Hydraulic Bale Press

Simple Operation

Fewer Wearable Parts

Customized Execution

Modular Design