The FIBC Printing Machine is a type of letterpress printing machine that performs chromatic printing on the tubular or flat fabrics, users can choose single-sided or double-sided printing.

Taking into account the actual production needs of jumbo bags (material inlet size, printing range, number of colors, etc.), our Printing Press Machine are classified under two series, BigbagPRINT1500 and BigbagPRINT2000.

  •  As a durable equipment, the flexographic printing machine achieves stable operating efficiency through high-quality machine materials, reasonable specifications and configurations, thereby extending the service life of the machine, reducing replacement cycles, and ensuring the overall practicality and economy of the Printing Press Machine.

Output: 25 pcs/min

Num. of Color: 2-, 3-, 4-, 5-, 6-Color Printing

The fabrics that can be printed are flat, tubular, gusseted tubular pieces.

Two different table: 1,500mm & 2,000mm.

Model Different Table


Max. Fabric Width

Max. Fabric Length

Max. Printing Width

Max. Printing Length











BigbagPRINT-1500 Could Print

BigbagPRINT-2000 Could Print


Feeding Table

Digital Counter

Drying Unit

Splash Shield

Built-in Feeding Table

Option List – Bulk Bag Printing Machine

Scraper Type Printer

Corona Device

Auto Stacking Device

Collecting Conveyor

Features of Bulk Bag Printing Machine

Continuously Rotating Printing Roller

Machine Non-stop 360° CW or CCW Printing Roller Rotating Color Register Adjust System

Printing Roller Position Side to Side Adjustment

Printing Roller Synchronization Cam Driven

Speed Adjustable Controller

Printing Ink Circulatory System

PLC Controller

Anilox Roller Ink Transmission System


flat, tubular, gusseted tubular pieces


2,000 pcs/h, 1mt length fabric

Printing Method

single side, separate color flexographic press printing

Printing Plate

photo-polymer, min. 5mm / max. 8mm

Ink Feed

circulating pump

Ink Discharge


Color Register Adjust

non-stop 360° CW or CCW printing roller rotating adjust

Printing Roller Transmission

synchronization cam

Water Pressure

2 Operators, 1 feeding, 1 inspecting & stacking

Rated Power

2-Color: 3kW

3-Color: 4kW

4-Color: 5.5kW

5-Color: 7.5kW

6-Color: 10kW

Units of BigbagPRINT

Non-Standard Engineering

We provide a non-standard engineering according to customer’s demand

Non-standard BigbagPRINT-1500 Big Bag Printing Press Machine

eg. We could design non-standard BigbagPRINT-1500 by enlarge the diameter of the printing rollers and shorten the width of the printing rollers, thus the new machine could printing on narrow width and longer fabric, starbase or 1-loop / 2-loops style of FIBC container bags are matched.

Non-standard BigbagPRINT-2000 Big Bag Printing Press Machine

eg.1 Enlarge diameter of the printing rollers, longer fabric is available.

eg.2 Reduce diameter of the printing rollers, more output is available.

Model BigbagPRINT – FIBC Big Bag Printing Press Machine



Energy Efficiency Design