Handle Wrapping Sewing Unit for 1 / 2 Loops Big Bag



Output: 5-8 pcs/min
Max. Wrapping Fabric Width: 300 mm

Model STRAPEX is an automatic, compact, easy operating, labour saving machine for handle wrapping making for 1/2 loops FIBC big bags. Sewing and handle wrapping fabric trimming will be automatically process.

● Solve the problem of not handle wrapping fabric tightening and poor unity.

● Built-in circular fabric cutting device, to make wrapping the fabric incision neatly.

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Handle Wrapping Sewing Unit for 1/2 Loops FIBC Big Bag
Labour Saving, Increasing Output
Semi- Automatic Process
The Wrapping ( Strapex ) Tension can be Adjusted
Upper and Lower Feed, 1 Needle 2 Threads, Chain Stitch Bag Sewing Head, Ultralight Design, Run Stably.
Cut and Sewing Synchronization
Semi-circle Support Frame
One Button Run, One Button Stop
The Touch Screen can Personalize Parameters such as Speed
Automatic Counting


Stitch Type: Chain Stitch 401. SSa-1

Sewing Speed: 1,800 rpm

Max. Wrapping Fabric Width: 300 mm
Stitch Range: 6-9 mm

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