The Main Procedures of KEESTAR FIBC Making Machines Inspection

◥ Components, Assemblies (pedals, etc.), Accessories (supplied parts) and Tools (special tools)

◥ Overall Appearance Inspection ( structural stability inspection, connection stability inspection, strong and weak cable exposure protection inspection, terminal protection inspection, physical safety isolation protection plate inspection, high temperature position porous heat dissipation protection plate inspection, anti-rust treatment inspection, etc. )

◥ Signage, Labeling and Safety Marking Inspection (anti-scald safety sign inspection, anti-electricity safety sign inspection, grounding safety sign inspection, anti-involvement safety sign inspection, anti-pressure safety sign inspection, anti-falling sign inspection, static electricity sign, lubrication point, etc.)

◥ Systems and Operations ( System text and style uniformity inspection, system operation validity inspection, password inspection, non-functional button N/A inspection, system upgrade function inspection, etc. )

◥ Demo Run ( Dynamic inspection of the overall equipment, dynamic stability inspection of the whole and parts, functional inspection of the operating mechanism, speed and output inspection, finished product inspection, finished product yield inspection, etc.)

◥ Simulation Operation Run

◥ Disassembly and Assembly ( Removal of fasteners, sorting and packaging, disassembly tools, electrical appliances list (model and specification) )

◥ Line Inspection ( Partial wiring diagram of individual components, wiring diagram of switchgear and grounding position diagram, overall diagram of gas circuit, partial diagram of gas circuit, arrangement and packaging of gas pipes and joints, etc. )

◥ Troubleshooting ( Common mechanical failures, pneumatics, control, system troubleshooting solutions.)

◥ Daily Maintenance ( Daily equipment cleaning, lubrication, monthly inspection of wire connection, inspection of air pipe connection, etc. )

◥ Delivery Preparation ( Loading list, installation diagram, etc.)

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