Various Configurations of Tape Stretching Line

Various Configurations of Tape Stretching Line

Granulate Mixer

Dry granulate mixer and normal granulate mixer. Tape stretching line material can not have moisture, if there is recycling waste tape, because the recycling waste tape is granulated in water, so it need to dry, drying power of about 20Kw. No recycling waste tape can not use dry function. The environment is also effected, for example, If the humidity is high in the rainy season, so need to start dry function.Whether the material is affected with moisture can be judged by observing whether there are pores in the diaphragm.

Hopper with Hopper Loader

Generally, hopper with hopper loader is not used. Hopper with hopper loader need to equip with automatic weighing system.

Main Motor

Motor + Reduce Motor

Main motor : Drive Servo Motor and Clutch Motor+Reduce Motor

Max. Extruder:

About 5 ton / 24 hours (90)main motor 75kw, weft T-die 1000mm, warp T-die 750mm;

Actual average ton yarn (warp, weft, monofilament) energy consumption:

About 550℃ / ton

About 7 ton / 24 hours (100)main motor 90kw, weft T-die 1300mm, warp T-die 850mm;

Actual average ton yarn (warp, weft, monofilament) energy consumption:

About 520℃ / ton

About 10 ton / 24 hours (120)main motor 132kw, weft T-die 1500mm, warp T-die 1100mm;

Actual average ton yarn (warp, weft, monofilament) energy consumption:

About 500℃ / ton

About 12 ton / 24 hours (120)main motor 160kw, weft T-die 1600mm, warp T-die 1600mm;

Actual average ton yarn (warp, weft, monofilament) energy consumption:

About 480℃ / ton

Melt Gear Pump


The filtration system-Continuous Single / Double Screen Changer.


Automaticially Adjust T-Die

It needs to be used with online gauging system, according to the thickness of the film to the t-die adjustment signal.

Normal T-Die

The one is the top pull type, for a long and short two kinds of screw.

The one is the Integral push-pull type, screw length is the same, it is a device.

All push. The structure is similar to the top pull type, the difference is all screw push.

Film Edge Trimming Grinder

Line Speed Inverter Control -synchronous speed elevator

Film Lifting, Slitting and Pulling

Cool Water Tank -Heat exchanger + Precipitation Tank

Adjustable Cross Tape Sliters

Stretching Rollers

Waster Tape Collecting Device

Stretching Oven / Hot Air Recycling Oven

Option List

Static type mixer

Automatic weighing and batching system

Screw conveyor mixer

Volume feeding, by screw speed to control the quantity of feed

Weighing type batching mixer

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