Automatic Big Bag Spout Tube Sewing Machine Unit



Big Bag Spout Tube Sewing Unit
Fabric Weight: 50-160 g/m2
Type SpoutMAKE-L, Type SpoutMAKE-T
Output: Max. 16 pcs/min , Max. 22 pcs/min

Chain stitch sewing machine sewing with automatic thread chain cutting.

Model SpoutMAKE-L

Spout Tube with Top Folding

Model SpoutMAKE-T

Spout Tube without Top Folding

Auto Spout Tube Sewing Unit-spoutmake-xin1
automatic big bag spout tube making machine-spoutmake-2


Model SpoutMAKE one step solution design for FIBC big bag filling and discharging spout tube sewing, improves production efficiency, reduces labour costs. One line combines all production processes in spout tube sewing.

Type SpoutMAKE-L

Fabric: Flat Fabric Roll

Spout Tube Top Folding with Ultrasonic Welding

Skirt Fabric as Non-standard Type

Tube Width: 500-1,000 mm

Tube Length: 500-1,100 mm

Type SpoutMAKE-T

Fabric: Tubular Fabric Roll, Flat Fabric Roll

Spout Tube Top without Folding

Tube Width: 500-900 mm

Tube Length: 500-800 mm


Tying Belts Ends Fixing to Spout Fabric by Ultrasonic Welding

Spout Fabric Feeding with Single/Double Edge Folding

Chain Stitch Sewing Machine Sewing with Automatic Thread

Chain Cutting

Ultrasonic Thread Chain Releasing-proof Treating

Tying Belt Height Adjustable ( ±125 mm )

Tying Belt Length 500-900 mm ( Half Folded )

Edge Folding Width


Thread Tail Length After Thread Cutting


Fabric Width

500-1,000mm(SpoutMAKE-L); 500-900mm(SpoutMAKE-T)

Fabric Length

500-1,100mm(Half Folded)(SpoutMAKE-L); 500-800mm(Half Folded)(SpoutMAKE-T)

Fabric Weight


Max. Quantity of Sewing Layers Fabric (Coated) 50-160 g/m2


Max. Quantity of Sewing Layers Fabric (Non-Coated) 50-100 g/m2



Max. Output 16pcs/min (SpoutMAKE-L); Max. Output 22pcs/min(SpoutMAKE-T)

Based on Skilled Chinese Workers 7,680 pcs/8 Hours and 10,560 pcs/8 Hours by Skilled Chinese Workers

Finished Spout Stacking Quantity


Distance Between Sewing to Finished Edge


Model SpoutMAKE

Spout Tube Sewing

Strong Stability

Energy Efficiency Design