Big Bag Baffle Lockstitch Sewing Machine


CL-F 120L25SP

In order to truly meet the needs of big bag body and baffle stitching in container bag production, we designed Big Bag Baffle Lockstitch Sewing Machine.


Equipped with an extra large working space, 635×180 mm, and a special column-type plate rack developed and produced by us, the Jumbo Bag Baffle Lockstitch Sewing Machine provides sufficient operating space and convenience for the container bags baffle stitching, which can simplify the operation difficulty of workers and effectively improve production efficiency.

Freeform Sewing, Lockstitch Machine

Servo Motor, Pneumatic Foot Lift and Back Stitching are Optional

Large Working Space: 635×180 mm

Sewing Capacity: 12 mm

Model CL-F120L25SP is an addition to the model CL-F120L25 that can be used for sewing(large space) and professional platte rack . The larger sewing space means that the model CL-F120L25 can be more convenient for sewing FIBC and baffle.The professional plate rack means more efficiency for woker.

Speed 1,400 rpm.

Stitch range 0.1-14 mm

Needle type DDx1


Lockstitch baffle seaming for Q bag producing always brings comprehensive technological sewing difficulties.

This requires the lockstitch sewing machine with large under arm sewing space to pass large size fabric from below, big bobbin size for as much bottom thread volume as possible and the biggest difficulty is dust proof cords are sewn on top and bottom sides of the fabric.

CL-F120L25SP is a tailor-made sewing machine to conquere all above difficulties.

For chain stitch baffle sewing requrirement, KEESTAR also offers model BaffleSEW53N with pneumatic hot thread chain and filler-

cord cutting.

Features of Bulk Quard Bag Lockstitch Sewing Machine

5 Times Rotating Hook, Large Volume Bobbin

Pneumatic Double-acting Presser Foot Lifter and Pressure

Top and Bottom Filler Cord Guides for Sealing the Needle


Pneumatic Reverse Sewing for Reinforce Sewing

Pedestal Type Stand, Special Design for Container Bags


Upper and Lower Feed, Upper and Lower Filler Cord