80800CH / 80800CDH

Our Big Bag Single Needle Chain Stitch Sewing Machine is mainly used to sew various pieces of container bag body, mainly including,

  • container bag side seam on fabric,
  • bulk bag top and bottom panel seam with filler cord,
  • jumbo bag top and bottom panel circular seam with spout fabric etc.


The FIBC Sewing Machine uses 1 needle, 2 thread chain stitch(401), which has better elasticity and strength than lockstitch sewing and is not easy to fall apart.

Chain Stitch FIBC Sewing Machine

Needle Type: UY9848

Stitch Range: 6-12 mm, 10 mm Standard

H Style Stand

Sewing Capacity: 12 mm

Model 80800CH

Model Different Table

Clutch Motor Drive + Heavy Duty Bench Top and H style Stand


2 Needle 4 Thread Chain Stitch Sewing Machine with Plain Feed and Mechanical Type Thread Chain Cutter


1 Needle 2 Thread Chain Stitch Sewing Machine with Plain Feed and Mechanical Type Thread Chain Cutter


Keestar offers complete FIBC’s sewing manufacturing technique

with different models of machines.

For new start business, economic sewing machine is a low cost

but high output investment, we offer 80800 series chain stith(

stitch type 401) sewing machine for big bag producing.

Production Plan of Bulk Bag Making

Recommend Models
Side Seam

80700, 81300, 81500, CircleSEW, 80800, GN20

Top and Bottom Panel Seam

80700, 81300, 81500, CircleSEW, 80800, GN20, 1510, CL-F123

Spout Tube Seam

SpoutMAK, 80800, 1510

Spout Tube Attach Seam

80700, CircleSEW

Baffle Seam

BaffleSEW53, CL-F120L25SP

Cross Corner Loop Seam

LoopSEW, 1510, CL-F123

Body Loop Attach Seam

1510, CL-F123

Lifting Loop Seam


Rossettes/Petal Seam

SpoutSEW-U, SpoutSEW

Handle Wrapping Seam


Model 80800CH / 80800CDH- Big Bag Chain Stitch Sewing Machine

H Style Stand

Heavy Duty Bench Top

Clutch Motor Drive

Chain Stitch Sewing