Our Big Bag Double Needle Chain Stitch Sewing Machine is mainly used to sew various pieces of container bag body, mainly including,

  • container bag side seam on fabric and loop with filler cord,
  • bulk bag side seam, top and bottom plate seams,
  • jumbo bag very heavy duty corner seam etc.

The 2 needle, 4 thread chain stitch(401+401) sewing machine with two parallel double thread row stitch for side seam.

Equipped with both plain and alternating upper fabric feeding system, it’s especially suitable for attaching filling and discharging spout, inserting top and bottom plate and body side seams on very heavy weight fabric of container bags, and with top and bottom filler cord guides for sealing the needle punctures.

The sewing capacity can reach a thickness of Max. 18 mm, which meets the sewing process requirements of all jumbo bags.

Double Needle Chain Stitch

Extra Heavy Duty 18 mm Sewing Capacity

Hot Thread and Filler Cord Cutter

up to 1,400 rpm Sewing Speed

80700CD4HL sewing pattern


80700 Series are absolutely the most common and reliable chain stitch sewing machines apply for bulk jumbo bag producing process, it has single and double needle versions. 

Double needle version machines have two parallel chain stitch(401.401), and if single needle version machine is required.

Keestar offers several double needle models of 80700 big bag chain stitch sewing machine.

80700CD4HL, 80700CD4HLSQL
Stitching Type


Needle Distance


Sewing Capacity

up to 18mm

Standard Needle

UY9848GA 300#

Stitch Range

6 to 12mm(Standard setting 10mm)


up to 1,400rpm

Filler Cord

Upper and Lower


Upper and Lower

Needle Cooling


Model 80700CD4HL FIBC big bag sewing machine is the most common model with double acting air operated presser foot lifter and pressure, left side thread chain and filler cord hot cutting device.

Model 80700C4HL FIBC big bag sewing machine with upper and lower feed, upper and lower filler cord, hot thread & filler cord cutter.

The new model 80700CD4HLSQL could apply for spout tube attach seaming onto top/bottom panel, the cyinder bed is convenient to insert into the spout tube and seam together with O/X cut panel as a 360° circle turn.

Model 80700CD4, same with model 80700CD4HL but without any thread cutter.

Model 80700CD4SQL, same with model 80700CD4 except with a cyinder bed sewing plate.

Model 80700CD, same with model 80700CD4 but without pneumatic presser foot lifter.

Model 80700CDSQL, same with model 80700CD except with a cyinder bed sewing plate.

KEESTAR also offers other model of double needle 360° circle chain stitch big bag sewing machine with higher working speed but less heavy duty sewing capacity model CircleSEW.

a Complete Set of Q Bag Baffle Sewing Machine Assemble by Three Parts:

Sewing Machine Head
Motor Drive

Bench Top

Motor Drive Options

Servo Motor

Servo Motor Drive could Provide:

Pedestal Type Stand, Special Design for Container Bags Producing

Special 4-thread and Upper Filler Cord Stand with Lower Filler Cord Holder

Multi-function Control Pedal

Stainless Steel Covered Bench Top

Clutch Motor

Normal and Economical

Bench Top and Stand Options

Spout Type Bench Top and Stand

Pedestal Type Stand, Special Design for Container Bags Producing

Multi-function Control Pedal

Special 4-thread and Upper Filler Cord Stand with Lower Filler Cord Holder

Stainless Steel Covered Bench Top

Heavy Duty Bench Top and H Style Stand

Special 4-thread and Upper Filler Cord Stand

Stainless Steel Covered Bench Top Options

R2U Delivery Service

Considering the actual demand of container bags manufacturer, we start to provide a READY TO USE delivery (R2U Delivery) service.

With a R2U Delivery Service, will Provide:

Maximum Shop Assembly the Machines and with a Special Order Wooden Case Packaging

Adapting the Machines with Customer’s Thread and Fabric in Customer’s Required Specific

Machines will Delivery with a READY TO USE Condition

Model 80700CD4HL- Big Bag Double Needle Sewing Machine

Multi-function Control Pedal

Hot Cutting Device

Chain Stitch Sewing Machine

Heavy Duty Bench Top