Chain Stitch Baffle Sewing Machine
Working Space: 160×534mm
Sewing Speed up to 2,000rpm
Heavy Duty Bench Top and H Style Stand


Baffle bag (Formstable Bags) also called Q bag, they are constructed with inner diagonal walls (baffles), which are sewn across the four corners and which ensure that the container bag keeps a rectangular shape when filled.

KEESTAR new model BaffleSEW53 is a competitive model for baffle seam with chain stitch. KEESTAR also offers special designed lockstitch baffle sewing machine, model CL-F120L25SP with spout style stand.


Enclosed Automatic Lubrication

160×534mm Working Space

2 or 1 Needle, Interchangeable, 2 Needle Distance 7.2mm

Sewing Speed Up To 2,000rpm

Stitch Range 6 to 11mm Adjustable, Standard 10mm

Left Side Pneumatic Operated Hot Cutter

Top and Bottom Filler Cord Guides For Sealing The Needle Puncture

Needle Cooling System

Servo Motor Drive And Needle Positionor

Multi-function Control Pedal

Pneumatic Presser Foot Lifters

BaffleSEW53 sewing pattern
FIBC Baffle Bag
Motor Drive Options
Servo Motor
Servo Motor Drive Could Provide:
±3° Highly Accurate Needle Positioning
50% Energy Saving
Speed Regulation
Powerful Torque Drive
Clutch Motor
Normal And Economical
Bench Top and Stand Options
Heavy Duty Bench Top And H Style Stand
Spout Type Bench Top
R2U Delivery Service
Considering the actual demand of container bags manufacturer, we start to provide a READY TO USE delivery (R2U Delivery) service.
With a R2U delivery service, we will provide:
Maximum shop assembly the machines and with a special order wooden case packaging.
Adapting the machines with customer’s thread and fabric in customer’s required specific.
Machines will delivery with a ready to use condition.


Energy Saving
Powerful Torque Drive

Needle Cooling System

Left Side Pneumatic Operated Hot Cutter