The Model BaffleSEW53N is our new generation baffle sewing machine, designed for seaming baffle into the bag body basing on a extra large working space(530×190 mm), and 2 or 1 needle chain stitch with top and bottom filler cord guides for sealing the needle punctures.

  • 2 needle is standard set that we provide 1 needle parts kit along with the machine.


In order to better meet actual production needs, we use upper and lower feeding to adapt to the sewing of ultra-thick materials and multi-layer materials.

Equipped with servo motor driven, with speed adjustment and parking needle position control functions.

Chain Stitch Baffle Sewing Machine

Working Space: 530×190 mm

Sewing Speed up to 2,100 rpm

▪ 1 needle model configurable.

▪ Offer needle gauge with different width.

▪ Stitch type 401.401


Baffle bag (Formstable Bags) also called Q bag, they are constructed with inner diagonal walls (baffles), which are sewn across the four corners and which ensure that the container bag keeps a rectangular shape when filled.

KEESTAR new model BaffleSEW53N is a competitive model for baffle seam with chain stitch. KEESTAR also offers special designed lockstitch baffle sewing machine, model CL-F120L25SP with spout style stand.

Features of Quard Bag Sewing Machine

Enclosed Automatic Lubrication

530×190 mm Working Space

2 or 1 Needle, Interchangeable, 2 Needle Distance 7.2 mm

Sewing Speed up to 2,100 rpm

Stitch Range 6 to 9 mm Adjustable, Standard 10mm

Left Side Pneumatic Operated Hot Cutter

Top and Bottom Filler Cord Guides for

Sealing the Needle Puncture

Needle Cooling System

Servo Motor Drive and Needle Positionor

Multi-function Control Pedal

Pneumatic Presser Foot Lifters

BaffleSEW53 sewing pattern
FIBC Baffle Bag

Motor Drive Options

Servo Motor

Servo Motor Drive Could Provide:

±3° Highly Accurate Needle Positioning

50% Energy Saving

Speed Regulation

Powerful Torque Drive

Clutch Motor

Normal and Economical

Bench Top and Stand Options

Heavy Duty Bench Top and H Style Stand

Spout Type Bench Top

R2U Delivery Service

Considering the actual demand of container bags manufacturer, we start to provide a READY TO USE delivery (R2U Delivery) service.

With a R2U delivery service, we will provide:

Maximum shop assembly the machines and with a special order wooden case packaging.

Adapting the machines with customer’s thread and fabric in customer’s required specific.

Machines will delivery with a ready to use condition.

Model BaffleSEW53N- Q Bag Baffle Sewing Machine

Energy Saving

Powerful Torque Drive

Upper and Lower Feed

Upper and Lower Filler Cord

Left Side Pneumatic Operated Hot Cutter